About Liiightspace

The Future of Restoration, Relaxation & Recovery is here! Come renew yourself with the latest Light, Sound & Vibration nature-technologies for optimal well-being.


Liiightspace is a multi-sensory experience where Binaural Beats & Phi Ratio Harmonies are converted into high fidelity vibrations through a Vibe Sound Therapy System + Zero Gravity Vibro-Chair, which gives you the feeling of being inside the sound, while the PyraLight rebalances the body and the Ajna Light takes you through a series of deep meditative states with ease.

The Ajna Light 3 uses five pulsed 10w high-powered LEDs, in a gold capstone Telsa Plate field, to induce the same brainwaves states seen in advanced meditation practitioners. Many people experience expanded states of consciousness during their session, which reflects their own changing inner awareness.​ Developed in 2014 to help people explore their intimate connection with the wisdom of the universe, bridging them to the root of their being.


The PyraLight 3 superpulses six 850nm infrared LED’s + 5uT magnetic field into the body. The PyraLight Meditation Glasses plug into the PyraLight Pad and superpulses three 400nm violet infrared LED's + a mini magnetic pad for generating an endogenous DMT meditative experience. The pulsing of light & magnetics allows stressed areas of the body to quickly recover. Developed in 2017 for overall improved quality of life. The idea of working with both magnetics and infrared LEDs is a unique development from two conventional types of therapy used separately since the 1980s. Safely integrating non-radiating magnetic fields with infrared LEDs in the PyraLight using advanced super pulsing has created a highly synergistic wellness device.

The Vibe 3.2 & The Zero Gravity Vibro-Chair gives you a vibroacoustic experience like no other! Access the most primal levels of your nervous system and human physiology so that you can instantly relax, meditate, activate, detoxify, transform, restore, recover, balance, ground, release and harmonize during your session.

Provided To Maximize Your Experience:

-Ajna Light 3 Lamp from Techeolithic

-PyraLight 3 Pad from Techeolithic

-PyraLight DMT Meditation Glasses from Techeolithic

Zero Gravity Vibro-Chair from Subpac

-Vibe 3.2 Sound Therapy System from Bioharmonic Technologies

-Custom Acoustic Headphones from Bioharmonic Technologies

-Energetic Plasmas / Essences from Anu Alchemy

-Orgone / Radionics Board from Akaida 

-Intentional Crystals from Sourcefield

-High Alkaline Restructured Water from FLOW

Provided For Your Protection:

-Proper Room Disinfection After Each Session

-Social Distancing & Masks Required

-Hand Sanitizer Provided Throughout Facility

-Electrostatic Ionizer (with UVGI Technology)

-Contactless Payment Options

-Sessions Are By Appointment Only

One session can be powerful. Each session is unique and over time, you can learn how to maximize your experience. Liiight Packages are also available if you intend to book multiple sessions at a discounted price. All bookings are by Appointment Only.

Align to a new dimensional reality...


-Suspend External Awareness

-Reach Deep Meditative States

-Soothe The Nervous System 

-Reduce Stress & Lower Anxiety

-Relieve Pain & Inflammation

-Synchronize Left/Right Brain

-Improve Resilience

-Increase Neuroplasticity

-Enhance Creativity & Visualization

-Pineal Activation

-Visionary Journeys

-Feelings Of Euphoria

-Complete Relaxation

-Total Mind & Body Wellness

Every Experience Is Unique & Works Individually With Each Person.

Liiightspace @ The Hangars

4120 Birch St | Unit 104

Newport Beach, CA 92660

- By Appointment Only -

562-726-3346 | Terms

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