Let There Be Light

The Age of Light is here! Light, Sound & Vibration can help us shift our brainwave state, experience deep meditation, clear stagnant energy, expand our consciousness + so much more...

Call To Light

In 2020, we were called to co-create our first Space of Light in collaboration with Bioharmonic Technologies for YEX at CES in Las Vegas. Later that year, we setup our first prototype Space of Light inside of Radiant Wellness in Newport Beach. Then in April 2021, we joined forces with Sacred Healing Sessions to bring forth our first official Space of Light called "The Liiighthouse" on Balboa Island.

The Liiighthouse
(Balboa Island, CA)


Apr 2021 - Present
Liiightspace & Sacred Healing Sessions

(Newport Beach, CA)


Oct 2020 - Oct 2021

The Groundhouse
(Las Vegas, NV)


 Jan 7-10, 2020
Liiightspace & Bioharmonic Technologies

The Infinite Gifts of Light

Benefits of Intentional Focused Light
-Suspend External Awareness
- Activate Parasympathetic Nervous System 
-Reduce Stress & Anxiety
-Relieve Pain & Inflammation
-Enhance Creativity & Intuition
-Gain Insight & Clarity
-Explore Visionary States
-Increase Neuroplasticity
+ more!

We support Communities of Light
-Custom Intentional Light Zones
-Group/Private Light Journeys
-Product Awareness/Marketplace
-Trainings & Workshops
+ more!