Thu, Nov 04 | Recreation Plantation (TX)


Sacred Liiight Temple // Vendor Pop-Up

Time & Location

Nov 04, 12:00 PM – Nov 07, 4:00 PM
Recreation Plantation (TX), 3550 Pursley Rd, Dripping Springs, TX 78620, USA

About the Event

Astronox is a four-day/three-night music and arts gathering centered around cinematic, downtempo, and experimental electronica, all featured on a state-of-the-art Hennessey sound system live-programmed with every performance. Taking place at the gorgeous and highly praised Rec Plant just an hour west of Austin, TX on Nov 4th-7th, this intimate campout will feature over 40 hours of music from three different countries, live painters, a coordinated team of fire dancers and performers, interesting workshops, free showers, delicious food, camping, and more. Did we mention there are free showers?

To stay intimate, Astronox will be capped at 500 people, pushing for community, collaboration, and an unforgettable experience in the woods.

Leave No Trace and Win A Free Ticket! (read on for more details)

Early Bird Tickets Available Monday, March 22nd. $100 Early Bird (SOLD OUT) | $120 Pre-Sale | $150 at Gate RV Passes are $35 | Kids 12 and Under Free Anyone Under 18 Must Be Accompanied By a Legal Guardian ID Required at Gate

Camping, Showers, Kombucha, and Yerba Mate Provided at no charge! BYOB

Please: No Pets, Firearms, or Glass.

.••*GATE HOURS*••. On Thursday, Nov 4th, the gate opens at 4:00pm and closes at 2:00am.

All Other Gate Hours On nov 5th-7th, the gates open at 10:00am each morning and close at 3:00am each night.

For logistical organization, security, and safety reasons, please do not ever never in 1000 years ever arrive or exit outside of gate hours. The land may be available to open the gate for you if you roll a 20 on charisma, but there are no guarantees.

All guests must be off property by 2pm sunday. This is extremely important, as the property has requested we do so for the sake of the land. Please help us leave no trace. Anyone on property after 2pm must pay the land an additional $5 land fee, so please plan accordingly and continue being super awesome. 0% of this fee goes to the festival.

.••*CAMPING*••. Camping is free on a first-come, first-serve basis. A Parking Coordinator will assist you with parking, where you are then able to camp in front of your vehicle. Camping in the back of the event area, where the pond is located, is allowed, but please do not drive cars back there. You must first park and then bring your gear to the grounds. Note there will be music all night some nights without any breaks. Plan accordingly so you can snooze like a champion.


THURSDAY 6:00pm • Yaws 7:30pm • Esion 9:00pm • Dagobah 10:30pm • Twin Shape 12:00am • Somatoast 1:30am • DRRTYWULVZ

FRIDAY 11:00am • Chancellor 12:00pm • Lefty 2:00pm • Badmajic 4:00pm • Scott Stanley 6:00pm • Spawt 8:00pm • Zenturion 10:00pm • Know Matter 12:00am • ATYYA 2:00am • Richard Devine 3:00am • Layer 4:00am • Instances 5:00 am • Fyoog

SATURDAY 11:00am • Scratch 12:00pm • Oldgold 2:00 pm • Kataphasis 4:00pm • Elliot Rogers 5:30pm • Fyoog 7:00pm • Happy Happy James 9:00pm • Flintwick 10:30pm • Mindex 12:00am • Globular 2:00am • Kaya Project 4:00am • Terrarium 6:00am • Onium 7:30am • Robojoe 9:00am • Mantoid 10:30am • Sick Numbles 12:00pm • Festival Ends. Hug everyone.

.••*LIVE PAINTERS*••. Stephen Kruse Jake Amason bild Elizabeth Banker Andrew Davis Jag Wire Elliot Rogers Stacy Pants Topher Sipes Sarah Farah Byron Aldridge Christian Rodriguez Derek Carpenter Chancellor Angela Meeks Wanderweird Art of War Ears KHUCK Art Ian Spencer Stephen Hernlund Peyson Jones Tourmaline Todd Janet McKeller A literal duck who we've trained to use a paintbrush by offering salmon. His name is Jerry.


THURSDAY 8:00PM • Fire Safety Class 9:00PM • Gaming Dome Opens

FRIDAY 10:00AM • Flow and Restore 11:00AM • Authentic relating games 1200PM • Community Circle Meet and Greet 2:00PM • Beginner / Intermediate Hooping 3:30PM • Intro to Belly Dancing 5:00PM • How to Find a Hidden Workshop 7:30PM • Gaming Dome Opens 8:00PM • Super Smash Bros. Tournament

SATURDAY 10:00AM • Winter Gardening in Texas 11:00AM • Wudang Taoist Warmup and Qigong 1:00PM • 4 Hours of Magic the Gathering 2:00PM • Hatha Binyasa Yoga 3:30PM • ABunDance 5:00PM • Partner Poi 7:30PM • Gaming Dome Opens

.••*PRODUCTION AND VJS*••. Scott Stanley Jon Imeson Vision Reactor Ed Apples Ener James Baxter

.••*FIRE/FLOW PERFORMERS TBA*••. The performers lineup is fully booked. we welcome anyone wishing to express themselves in the community fire circle. Attending the Thursday fire safety meeting (tba) is mandatory for all performers.


Born to Minerals and Northern Rose • Crystals/Misc Reclaim Threads • Vintage Clothing and Festie Commodities Cryptalogik • Truly Stunning Jewlery High Sierra Stones • A Wide Selection of Crystals Too Heady Crew • Tie Dye Apparel and More Pure Harmony Wellness • Massage Therapy at a Festival!? Kwilt • Psychadelic Quilts for Vibrant Minds J-Blazen Creations • Hand Painted Wood Work / Misc Ill pin designs • Pins, Pins, and More Pins Subsancturary • Woodwork and More Mind’s Eye Creations • Artwork and Bodywork Cyber//Trash • Ones Treasure = Ones Trash Orgone Vortex • Fiberglass, Resin, Metal, and Crystal Art AThriftX • Apparell / Clothing Swap Fed.Today • Tools for Conscious Consumption • Liiightspace & Sacred Healing Sessions • Wellness Using Ajna Light + Reiki Infused Henna Adornments

.••*DIRECTIONS TO VENUE*••. Most venues require you take some obscure and dangerous road past a seemingly randomly placed gas station off an exit that looks like it came from the hit horror film, The Hills Have Eyes, but not this one. There is a dirt road with a bunch of small rocks, but what festival doesn't have one of those?

Just type in 3550 Pursley RD. Dripping Springs, TX 78620 into any gps made after 1996, and it will take you directly to a big metal gate that you can't enter. Go down the dirt road directly before that gate; follow the Astronox sign. This road will take you all the way to the festival gate. Simply keep driving forward till you see the Astornox welcome sign. If you still have issues, no problem. Follow these instructions: . If you are still having issues, you can explore these options:

.••*KICKING COVIDS BUTT*••. While we are staying vigilant and keeping up with the development of COVID-19, hoping the pandemic will be under control in November thanks to vaccines and lowering case rates, this event will be postponed for your protection, at the sole discretion of Astronox and its staff, if we feel COVID-19 gets out of hand. We, along with over events, however, have high hopes. We will honor any ticket purchases for the postponed event. At the festival, and anywhere for that matter, please respect anyone wearing a mask by keeping your distance.

.••*LEAVE NO TRACE AND WIN A FREE TICKET TO ASTRONOX*••. Thanks for reading this far! (or at least scrolling all the way down here). Although everyone should be leaving no trace because taking care of the planet should be a priority, we wanted to reward those of you who are awesome and green. For every bag of trash you haul out of the festival on Sunday, we will give you one raffle ticket. At the end of the festival, we will hold a drawing, and the winner will get their entire Astronox ticket totally refunded! You can haul out any trash you see - your trash, that persons trash, my trash, this nickleback cd, haul it all out and you will get a raffle ticket for every bag.

.••*HOW TO BE AWESOME (THE RULES)*••. Please be aware of the gate hours (all guests must be off property by 2pm sunday)

Leave no trace. (pack it in, pack it out. don't forget the trash contest!)

No pets, glass, or firearms. (especially no glass pets wielding firearms)

Astronox is byob (but remember, no glass please. Bring plenty of water!)

No megaphones. (we will melt them inside a freaking volcano)

No sound camps. (There will be plenty of music, we assure you)

Be awesome to yourself and everyone around you! (we will launch the haters our of a cannon into the sun)

Always bring a copy of superman #1 to any event you attend. (I wonder if anyone reads this far?)

For any questions, comments, etc, please email

This event is passionately managed by sick numbles llc. High fives are available upon request.

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