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15D & Quantum plasmas

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Plasmas are energetic medicines. A tiny amount of this oil can be applied to your forehead, third eye, throat or heart chakra. They bring an awakening to a depth of love in one’s heart center that transforms one’s way of being. Deeper levels of clarity and truth are born. The plasmas teach one to connect with ever deeper heartfelt wisdom. 15D & Quantum are perfect companions for light body activations with the Ajna Light.

15th Dimension Light Body Activations • This plasma guides you up to the 15th Dimension for Light Body Activations, downloads Blessings from the Crystalline Angels of the 15th Dimension, and blesses you with greater balance in whatever life calls for in the next phase of your soul / life journey. It reveals coincidences in life as being synchronistic events that line up, offering opportunities as your life unfolds. Once anointed with this plasma, you will start to receive clear instructions in greater detail. During activation, it is common to experience deep and touching heart-felt love. Your soul will recognize this is exactly what it has been preparing for and spoken about as a sacred pilgrimage. As your light body is continuously activated with crystalline light, new and old codes will align with new downloads, setting in motion your soul path’s original blueprint. The work that you have asked for, chosen and agreed to, now more than ever, comes into focus, clarity and aligns with new found capabilities. We are in a great time of transition and are called to take up our positions and serve with more Light.

Quantum Morphogenetic Vibrational Holographic Transmigrational Plasma of the Physics of Consciousness • This plasma awakens the process of preparing your body’s natural capacity to dissolve into Light. It can align the physical body with the Primal Rays of Light, the specific set of Primal Sound Tones, and the specific set of Frequency Code Programs. When activated in the consciousness of the Mind Body, the Sound Tones, Frequencies and Programs cause the corresponding Universal Life Force Current to progressively emerge in its Original Organic “Eternal Divine Blueprint” or “Divine Right Order.” This Mind Body is embedded with the Frequency Code Programs that progressively result in the physical body turning into Light.

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