Ajna Light Meditation: 8hz Alpha

Updated: Mar 15

Join Dru Ali of Liiightspace from 7pm - 8pm for a group Anja Light Meditation on Balboa Island. Take a break and unwind in a serene environment, where soothing atmospheric soundscapes help lead you into relaxation, while the Ajna Light takes the mind through a series of deep meditative states with ease.

We will be sitting with 8hz (Alpha). Alpha waves can be seen as the "relaxing waves". Besides being quite relaxing, they also have an extremely important role to play in the human mind. They work as a bridge between the subconscious part of the mind (Theta waves) and the conscious part of the mind (Beta waves).

The Ajna Light was developed in 2014 to help people explore their intimate connection with the wisdom of the universe, bridging them to the root of their being. Light flicker frequencies entrain brainwaves, bringing you into deep meditative states without years of meditation practice.

Provided for the evening:

-Meditation Pillow + Blanket

-Water from The Water Brewery

Please bring:

-Yoga Mat/Cushion (if you decide to lay down for the Meditation)

-Water Bottle


Energy Exchange: Intuitive Pricing (Pay what your heart desires to give for the experience).

Limited to 11 people max so please make sure you RSVP (link in bio) to secure your space.

Location: Hosted by The Liiighthouse on Balboa Island 302 1/2 Marine Ave • Newport Beach, CA 92662

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