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Bi-Weekly Mondays: Transits of Light

Updated: Jun 19

Technologies for Transformation... Bi-Weekly Mondays — "Transits of Light" – Human Design Experience with Ajna Light Attunement Escape the stress of daily life and find refuge over a cup of tea as we gather to talk about Human Design. We'll be using Maia Mechanics (Human Design Software) to explore various areas of Human Design, as well as, provide a Rave I'Ching Contemplation for the current Sun Gate Transit. At the end of the gathering we'll be using the Ajna Light, which is a rare intentional Light Technology that can guide you into deep meditative states with ease, as well as, help us attune with the current Sun/Earth Transit so that we can really ground in the energies being released to the planet at this time. The Human Design System

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, which has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding. It shows you a concrete map of your own individual nature and provides you with simple tools for making correct decisions, being yourself and eliminating resistance in your life. It gives you the opportunity to discover yourself and begin to understand and accept your very nature. It also offers a methodology uniquely tailored to your design that liberates you from "not-self" conditioning—called Strategy & Authority—and it is the catalyst of transformation.

Human Design Personal Chart

We encourage everyone to bring their Human Design Personal Chart so that you can use it as a reference. We can also generate a chart and have it ready for you when you arrive.

Generating Your Charts

If you like for us to generate your Personal Chart + Transit Connection Chart please email your:

1. Name

2. Date of Birth

3. Exact Birth Time

4. Location of Birth

Human Design Transit Connection Chart

Transit Charts show the planetary configuration at any given moment, and can be connected with a Personal Chart to create a Transit Connection Chart which reveals the planetary impact of both short and long term transits. During this gathering you will also have access to Maia Mechanics which will allow us to generate a Transit Connection Chart for you so that you can see how the current transit effects your design. Ajna Light The Ajna Light uses five pulsed 10w high-powered LEDs, in a gold capstone Tesla Plate field, to induce the same brainwave states seen in advanced meditation practitioners. Many people experience expanded states of consciousness, which reflects their own changing inner awareness. It was developed in 2014 to help people explore their intimate connection with the wisdom of the universe, bridging them to the root of their being. Light flicker frequencies entrain brainwaves, bringing you into deep meditative states without years of meditation practice. If you are stressed or have a busy mind, even with your thoughts active while the light sequence is playing, you will automatically be brought into a more relaxed state. There is no need to try to stop your thoughts — just observe your feelings and sensations during the light journey. Location 🏢 Hosted by The Liiighthouse (on Balboa Island) 302 1/2 Marine Ave • Newport Beach, CA 92662 We are located on the 2nd floor (above “Too Sweet”) Gathering time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm Tickets 🎟 Sliding Scale (choose from your most abundant frequency): $55 (Pays for you + Supports others) $44 (Pays for you) $33 (Community supported rate) Maximum 11-spaces.

RSVP @ Guided by Dru Ali a Certified Ajna Light Therapist & Practitioner, PyraLight Practitioner, Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki 2 Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, DJ/Music Producer, Human Design Experimenter & Creator of Liiightspace. He is an Ambassador/Trainer for the Ajna Light, PyraLight & Vibe System—guiding people around the world on how to use these innovative technologies to their fullest potential. You can also find him deejaying for yoga classes and high energy dance floors at Music Festivals such as Bass Canyon, Bhakti Fest, Electric Daisy Carnival, Lightning In A Bottle, Lost Lands, Lucidity & Nocturnal Wonderland. Liiightspace — The Liiighthouse — *IMPORTANT* The Ajna Light is not recommended for people who have a history of Epilepsy or currently taking prescription antipsychotic medication! Please be clear of alcohol (the Ajna Light & Alcohol do not mix). Cancelation Requests: You may cancel up to 24 hours before the event begins and request to receive a full refund (minus Eventbrite fees). If cancellation is made day of, there will be no refund issued. Thank you for understanding!

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