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Meeting Guy Harriman

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Evelyn Starlight (Sacred Healing Sessions), Guy Harriman (Techeolithic) & Dru Ali (Liiightspace) at New Living Expo 2019 (San Mateo, CA). This was our first time meeting Guy Harriman (the creator of the Ajna Light & PyraLight). We traded Guy some MIDI Sprouts for our first PyraLight 2 Pad which also came with prototypes of the PyraLight DMT Meditation Glasses + PyraLight Plasma Rods. This was also our first time meeting Cynthia Huertas (Light Maven Wellness) who has been a long time friend of Guy's and was helping him at the convention. It was truly a special convergence in time for us all and marks the official start of our journey as Light Technology facilitators.

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