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Closing Reception of Light at The Liiighthouse

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

We’d like to express our heartfelt love and gratitude to each and every person who walked up the stairs to The Liiighthouse for a session, group experience or even to just stop by and visit. We can’t thank you enough for your openness, trust & support over the past couple years. All the beautiful memories that were made there will be deeply cherished as they echo through time with us.

Thank you Dalena for capturing our Closing Reception of Light (Visions of Light) and for all the love you have shown us from the beginning and a super BIG shout out to the Chafinity Fam for bringing their Matcha magic to elevate the start of the night!

You can now find us at Embody Wellness Hub – we are working on developing a new Space of Light with our long-time Fam in Chino, CA + also looking to spread the Light into other communities who feel a strong call to work with these life changing offerings / modalities.

Please let us know where you’d like us to bring the Light next! We look forward to the unfolding of this next Chapter of Light and can’t wait to share some more magical moments with you all!

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