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Ajna Light & PyraLight Advanced Training

The Ajna Light & PyraLight are two highly innovative Light Technologies, developed by Guy Harriman, which use intentional frequencies of light to promote relaxation, improved sleep, stress reduction, enhanced creativity, spiritual exploration + so much more!


In these comprehensive Trainings, you will learn the science behind these light technologies and the techniques for using the Ajna Light & PyraLight to achieve these therapeutic effects. You will also learn about the different applications of these devices for incorporating them into your personal or professional practice.


Upon completion of these Trainings, you will be certified as an Ajna Light and/or PyraLight Practitioner—qualified to use this Light Technology in your own practice or with clients. Whether you are a wellness practitioner, artist, or simply interested in the benefits of intentional light technologies, these Trainings will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed on your Light Quest!

Our Training Courses for the Ajna Light & PyraLight are offered in-person at Embody Wellness Hub in Chino, CA or online through Zoom from anywhere around the world.

Advanced Training Courses:

Led by Dru Ali (Liiightspace)

Approved by Guy Harriman (Techeolithic)

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