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Human Design Readings

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Have you ever pulled your Human Design chart?

The Human Design System is the Science of Differentiation…a life transforming experiment of living as yourself and claiming your uniqueness. Uniqueness is the most extraordinary thing there is—IT IS perfection—and our Human Design chart can give us a road map to get there!

What your Human Design chart reveals: ➠Your specific genetic design: affirming who you really are, how to be yourself, and how to navigate successfully on this plane. ➠A simple Strategy you can trust that reliably connects you to your personal Authority in order to make correct decisions and eliminate resistance in life. ➠Where you are being conditioned by others so that you can let go of what you are not. ➠Your relationship dynamics to help you understand how the attractions, resonances and conflicts between you and others play out. ➠Guidance on how to align yourself with people who enhance your vitality, support your life purpose and share your true path. ➠The understanding of other charts—like partners, family & friends—and how best to respect and interact with them. ➠Most importantly…how to create the best environment for children so that they are empowered to be their unique selves, and to learn and develop as individuated human beings.

Human Design Readings: •Chart Analysis• ➠Individual ➠Child ➠Partnership ➠Group •Cycle Analysis• ➠Rave Return ➠Saturn Return ➠Uranus Opposition ➠Chiron Return

You can book a Reading in person or virtual from anywhere around the world over Zoom.

Contact Dru Ali for more info (

“There is a ‘way’ but it can only be your way” - Ra Uru Hu

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