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PyraLight 1: A Techeolithic Relic

Updated: Jan 23

This is the original PyraLight 1 (released by Guy Harriman on 06.19.17 and was available for only 4 short months before the PyraLight 2 emerged to replace it on 10.05.17). What makes this version of the PyraLight so special is that you can choose an isolated 8hz Schumann light journey (there isn’t an option to do this with the PyraLight 2 or 3) which creates a really profound deep lightbody meditation experience (when combined with the PyraEyes or DMT Glasses). It is at this Theta/Alpha border, where the optimal range for visualization/using the creative power of your mind begins. It’s the mental state in which you consciously create your reality — at this frequency, you are conscious of your surroundings — however your body is in deep relaxation. We’ve been trying to obtain a PyraLight 1 since 2019 — and all in divine timing — through 2 amazing Lightworkers: Sahayak (in Thailand) & Melanie (in Australia) ➭ the PL1 has finally found its way into our Techeolithic Toolkit of Spiritual Technologies. To participate in a demonstration and share your feedback, kindly send us a message or if you’d like to book a regular session, please visit and choose the PyraVibe option where you can schedule a date + time to immerse in this beautiful experience with Sacred Liiight at Embody Wellness Hub in Chino, CA!

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