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PyraEyes: Plasma Light Experience

Updated: Feb 12

The PyraEyes is a Nature-Technology powered by the PyraLight that utilizes a dual Lakhovsky Coil design, superpulsing Blue, Green, and Red plasma light, along with high power still point phase conjugate hyperboloid magnetic fields. This combination offers an exploration into the profound landscapes of your inner nature. All you have to do is close your eyes and let the light & sound guide your journey.

The PyraEyes were launched in October 2022, but it took us a little over a year to discover the perfect combination of modalities (PyraEyes x PyraLight 1 x VIBE System) to stack in order to unlock the full potential of this innovative technology. Now, we can achieve some of the deepest states of meditation and relaxation in just a few moments.

Since this recent finding, we have received some really touching testimonials from people and can’t wait for you to have your experience. If this is something that calls out to you—please get in contact with us and we will extend to you a special priced session + an invitation to bring a guest along with you where you can journey side by side together. We’d love to get your feedback!

Sessions take place at Embody Wellness Hub in Chino, CA. Potential Benefits: Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Relieve Pain & Inflammation, Reach Deep States of Meditation, Explore Consciousness, Clear Stagnant Energy, Enhance Creativity & Intuition, Gain Clarity & Insight, Experience Visionary Journeys & Spiritual Exploration—though every session is unique and works individually with each person.

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