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Repurpose With Light

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Shout Out to Nicole Peredo & Artime Barro in Laguna Beach for inviting Sacred Liiight (Sacred Healing Sessions x Liiightspace) to come out and be a part of their 3 Day Adult Summer Camp. On Day-3, which was centered around the theme of "Repurpose," we introduced the Ajna Light and highlighted how it has innovatively repurposed the conventional use of light, aiming to guide us back to our authentic selves. All the attendees got to experience a group Ajna Light session and then after partake in a Kintsugi workshop. The intention of this gathering was to treat the beauty of restoration as part of the process, rather than something we have to hide If you’re looking for a place to learn / enhance your skills in ceramic & pottery classes — definitely check out Artime Barro (Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa & Cabo) — they are amazing!!

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